Explore your Creativity and Express Your Style

Do you:

  • know your way around a sewing machine, handy with knitting needles or a crochet hook and love to make your own clothes?
  • walk through the store with your hand caressing the fabric, enjoying the sensation of luscious fabrics?
  • drool over unusual color combinations?
  • like to play with pattern?
  • find most commercial patterns boring?

I love to make things, especially with fabric and yarn. As a child of the 70’s, surrounded by granny square vests, patchwork, bell-bottoms, embroidered peasant blouses, fringe and go-go boots, my aesthetic leans toward what is currently called “Boho Chic” – a “more is more” type of mentality.

I created my line of patterns, Lynn Burdick Designs, to reflect my love for:

  • mixing hand knits/crochet with fabric,
  • combining different patterns and
  • playing with textural embellishments.

I am on a mission to alleviate boredom and mediocrity from our craft and bring back the passion and creativity that go us excited in the first place. I hope that you find inspiration and delight in my patterns and use them as a springboard to showcase YOUR colorful and unique personality.