Imagine your life if you were actually getting paid to PLAY!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. – Confucius

Learn how to use the power of P.L.A.Y. – Purpose, Love, Action and a “Yes, and…” attitude – to unlock your passion and create a reliable income aligned with your values, strengths, talents and gifts.

You were meant to do more than settle for a paycheck.

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.  Thoreau

What makes you sing? You have gifts and talents that the world needs. Maybe you don’t know exactly what – yet –  but you know it isn’t what you’re currently doing.

What’s stopping you?

The reason so many of us women have trouble with our careers is:

  • we lack confidence, 
  • avoid risk because we fear making a mistake and
  • give away our power (play small) because we want people to like us.

In other words, we can’t get past our own fears, bad habits and self-limiting beliefs.

My system is fun, energizing and enlightening. The process feels more like play so your journey feels magical. You’ll tap into your intuition and learn to trust and believe in your abilities and build on those, rather than what we are most often (inadvertently) taught – we have to become something “other” than ourselves in order to succeed.

Work and play are NOT mutually exclusive and when you are aligned with your values, strengths, talents and passion, your career becomes meaningful and a source of joy. No matter who you are, where you’ve been or where you’re at, building an amazing career/business is within your reach.

So, are you ready to PLAY?

Recent Posts

New Year’s Resolutions?


It’s that time again. Humans, by nature, are goal driven though I’m not a regular resolution setter. But I do use it as a time to reflect on how my year went and what I want to accomplish in the next year. 

Most people, however, don’t follow through on their resolutions. Only 8%, to be precise. I’m not surprised. We sincerely want to quit our bad habits, pursue our dreams and be our best selves, but when it’s time to work on our goals, why are we suddenly compelled to clean out the vegetable drawer – or is that just me? Our intentions are good but our follow through, well, sucks.

In the past, when I set goals, I used to think I had superhuman powers and put unrealistic demands on myself and my time – who needs sleep? I never questioned this approach and each time I felt like a failure because not only did I NOT reach my goal, I barely got started.

I thought I lacked discipline but the problem wasn’t me, the problem was my approach. I didn’t need iron-clad willpower, what I needed was a system that took me from planning to DOING. Action is the only way to build momentum and create new habits and I’ve discovered a few tools that helped me move through my fears and resistance to reach my goals.

But first, I’d like to talk about how our brain works. Our brains have 3 parts:

  • the primitive brain handles our survival instincts,
  • The limbic is our emotional brain and is used for building social bonds.
  • The neocortex is the thinking brain, used for logic and reasoning.

For goal-setting purposes, it’s important to know that when you experience fear or stress, the primitive brain is going to override the thinking brain. Every. Single. Time. It’s going to do everything in its power to alleviate that stress. My unrealistic plans triggered some fear and my primitive brain reacted, thus the overwhelming desire to clean the fridge. I needed a subtler approach so my brain worked for, not against me. The tools that work for me are: break it down, the 5 minute plan and low expectations.

The first tool is to break our goals into manageable tasks. Writing a novel is daunting, but if we break it down into chapters, pages or even better yet, paragraphs, it seems doable. In my previous process, to continue my writing analogy, I tried to jump from never writing to a finished novel overnight. It’s like expecting a baby that just learned how to roll over to start running. I was depriving myself of the learning opportunities in all those little steps and the habits and confidence they built. I finally realized that achieving a goal means growing into it, one step at a time.

The 5 minute plan is a another great tool to overcome resistance. I actually thought I could work 3 hours a night, 5 nights a week and another 16 hours on the weekend to work on my goals, in addition to my full-time job and everything else life threw at me. And I wondered why I couldn’t get started! Then a coach suggested I turn it down a notch and start with 5 minutes. It seems counter-intuitive, what could I accomplish in 5 minutes? Never mind I wasn’t accomplishing anything before

Here’s the thing, getting started is often the hardest part and 5 minutes is ridiculously easy and non-threatening (remember that primitive brain?), that it was easy to commit to. And if you know Newton’s First Law of Motion, an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Five minutes is usually all I need to overcome inertia and get the ball rolling.

The final tool is lower your expectations. Now, I’m not saying lower your standards, always try to do your best. Just accept in the beginning your best might not be all that good. But in order to improve you have to practice. I read about a pottery teacher that did an experiment. He told one class that they would be graded on the quantity of pots they made. He told another their grades would be based on one pot. The class that was graded on quantity actually produced the best pots. Why? Practice! They were focused on the process while the one pot class was focused on the product. In the beginning quantity is more important than but will eventually lead to quality. It’s the process, all that practice that matters, not the product, which is just the end result. So quit worrying about how good it is.

Pursuing our goals is gratifying but the path is seldom easy. It’s good to have some tools that we can use that work with our brain to get us started as well as get us back on track if we slip into old habits when the novelty and excitement of our goal seeking wears off. The new year is right around the corner. I challenge each of you to apply breaking things down, the 5 minute plan and lowering your expectations to your goals and this just might be the year you join the 8% club!

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