Energy Vampires – What’s draining you?


face-800192_1280Pursuing our dreams, meeting challenges head on, moving forward…notice that these are action words. They require energy.

Energy is defined as: “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.”. Synonyms include: vitality, vigor, spirit, enthusiasm, zest, spark, effervescence and exuberance.

When we decide to pursue our passion and live life on our own terms, it’s important to examine how we are living life now. Change is not easy, we are creatures of habit. We need to look closely at our habits to see if they are energizing us or depleting us. The same goes for people in our life – are we surrounding ourselves with people who lift us up or bring us down?

A good place to start is by taking inventory of the basic areas of your life:

  • Family and friends (your community)
  • Finances/money
  • Recreation
  • Health
  • Home/environment
  • Personal development and growth
  • Spirituality
  • Work/career

Common energy drainers include unfinished projects, lack of boundaries (learn to say “no”) and clutter. For instance, is your work environment conducive to your best thinking and productivity? I might be accused of being a tad OCD…I can’t stand clutter. I was that kid that had a clean room. I want things organized, put away in their place. My work space is tidy. I know where everything is and as a result I can focus on the task at hand. I don’t have any superfluous decorations…just what I need within reach.

Go through each area of your life and identify the little annoyances and your big complaints. Why the little stuff? Because little stuff can quickly snowball out of control. Handling them now could save time and aggravation later down the road.

Once you’ve got your list, what is each of these energy drainers costing you? Time? Money? Emotional well-being? Health?

Finally, how will you resolve them? Can you:

  • Eliminate them?
  • Come to a compromise?
  • Find the learning/growth opportunity? Some things you can’t change but you always have control over how you respond (not react) by taking time to examine your choices.

Creating the life of your dreams means being aligned with your talents, strengths, values, and passion. It means being protective of your time, money and energy. You should only be using it in a manner that benefits or supports your life goals. Taking care of the energy vampires now will free up the space – emotional and physical – in your life so you can devote it to the things that really matter.






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