What’s My Next Step Workshop


3000 Shoreline Dr, Austin, TX 78728

What's My Next Step Workshop

From 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm

At Wells Branch Recreation Center

3000 Shoreline Dr, Austin, TX 78728


Lynn Burdick / lburdick988@gmail.com

Are you trying to figure out what your next step should be?

Maybe you're returning to work after an extended period out of the job market or you're suffering career burnout. Or maybe a significant relationship has ended or you're about to retire but not quite ready for the rocking chair.

Whether you are choosing to make a change or it's been forced upon you, you have the opportunity to renew yourself. But change isn't easy and in the What's My Next Step Workshop you'll learn the process and tools to effectively manage change to create a life you love!

Through a series of fun, yet enlightening activities you'll define your goal(s) and have a plan of action to achieve them. We'll talk about how to manage fear, self-limiting beliefs, overcome bad habits and create productive ones that can be used in all aspects of your life.

The one constant in life is change but you do have a choice - to react and be at its mercy or proactively manage it and be in charge of your life!

There are 15 people coming.

Registration is closed

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