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Wanna Play?

Were you ever told what you were interested in was a nice “hobby” but you should focus on being “practical” and “realistic”.

I was. You know what being practical and realistic got me? A series of dead-end, boring, clock-watching, soul-sucking, low-paying jobs that battered my confidence and left my self-esteem limping on life support.

When I finally decided “growing up” sucked and reconnected with the dreams, passion and play of my youth, I found magic. Because the truth about successful work is this:

When you are aligned with your strengths, talents, gifts, values and passion – work IS play!

Imagine how it would feel to:

  • wake up everyday excited, energized and engaged.
  • be pursuing your interests, using your strengths and living your values.
  • have fun while making a living.
  • find meaning and purpose.
  • be in control of and create the life you long for.

Are you ready to reconnect with your passion?

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