What’s My Next Step? Workshop

What's My Next Step WorkshopAre you trying to figure out what your next step should be?

Maybe you’re returning to work after an extended period out of the job market or you’re suffering career burnout. Maybe you’ve been laid off and looking for a new challenge but not sure where to begin. Perhaps you’re about to retire but not quite ready for the rocking chair.

Whether you are choosing to make a change or it’s been forced upon you, you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself! But change isn’t easy and in the What’s My Next Step? Workshop you’ll learn the process and tools to effectively manage change to create a life you love!

Through a series of fun, yet enlightening activities you’ll define your goal(s) and have a plan of action to achieve them. We’ll talk about how to manage fear, self-limiting beliefs, overcome bad habits and create productive ones that can be used in all aspects of your life.

The one constant in life is change but you do have a choice – to react and be at its mercy or proactively manage it and be in charge of your life!

Praise for What’s My Next Step? Workshop

My Next Great Adventure Workshop

Lynn did an amazing job putting together a creative and well thought out presentation. I found her exercises extremely valuable in helping me work through my next career steps. Lynn’s personality is energetic and infectious. If you like thinking outside the box or are even open to thinking outside the box, I recommend taking one of her workshops.  – Karen C.

I really feel the workshop helped me start to identify things I enjoyed as a child. What will energize, excite & engage me in living a fun & creative life! I’ve started a new journey & I’m excited! Thank you for a great learning experience! – Nancy H.

This class was fantastic!  I feel this has only enhanced my creative self. It even brought back some great childhood memories. – Rachel M.

What a fabulous workshop you created! You set the stage for our fun adventure with your colorful “Your Next Great Adventure” pennant banner, paper flowers and travel photography. I loved the creative “travel adventure” theme and handout. You made it fun and safe to dream big and enlist the brainstorming help of our fellow travelers. You rocked it! – Deanna O.

I liked the lightheartedness and the openendedness of the conversation, as well as the input from all of the others. I also enjoyed pairing up with a partner to sort through our respective goals and aspirations. Keep up the good work. This upbeat session really helped me begin to bring into focus the next phase of my career. – Frank S.

You were fabulous!  Thank you. – Debbie B.

Duration: 2 hours

Mandala WorkshopMandala Workshop

Mandala is Sanskrit for circle. The circle has been a universal symbol found in all cultures. Buddhists believe the mandala represents the universe and is often used as a guide for meditation.

In this workshop, participants create a mandala as a means to tap into their intuition and get to know themselves better. Incorporating play, color and drawing, the mandala is a way to connect to our unconscious wisdom. I guide participants to organize their thoughts around a particular theme and visually express it through symbols and color.

Duration: 1-1.5 hours

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